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Do you care about your living space? Do you want to feel at home comfortable and adjust your interior to your taste and style? Than do not forget that an important part of interior design are weaves, fabrics or textile decorations, rugs, curtains and sheers but also wallcoverings
Design and decorating studio VZORKOVNA understands you. We know everything about fabrics. We follow fashion trends, hunt for news and at the same time we trust the quality of world-wide known brands like ROMO, Blendworth, Gaston y Daniela or Gancedo.
We bring the best from design and decoration for interior directly to you. Entering our showroom you will appear in a paradise of patterns, colours, materials and styles. But all fabrics has something comon - the best quality. You will never be wrong with a decorative fabrics from VZORKOVNA.
Come to enjoy with your own eyes the beauty of weaves and touch how pleasant fabrics can be. You will not be bored. A fresh wind comes to us several times a year when we introduce new collections from leading European suppliers. Whether you are amateur stylist, interior designer or architect you will get the same proffesional and quality service.
Did you like several kinds of fabrics but you need some time to think which one is the right one? It does not matter, we will provide you with samples to test them at home. Would you like to come to our showroom but at the moment you are so bussy that you have not time for shopping? Do not be frustrated. We will send home you free samples. You will have at home enough time to consider which weave is the best for you.
Toubou Tabasco
Adire Tabasco
Elole Ink
Huari Tabasco
Asante Pepper


In our showroom you will appear surrounded by decorative fabrics. Do you find them similar at the first side? It does not matter. We will not let you alone with choosing the suitable fabrics for your interior. With a smile onour lips, patience and kindness of our own we will advice you with everything.


We have a comon goal - to make a tailored living for you where you will nicely and comfortably live. To understand fully your needs we will prepare a mood board for you. Thanks to it we will better understand your style and preferred colour scheme.


Than we will choose the right fabrics for your flat or house. In order to present adequately the material we will prepare for you 3D visualization. You will see in reality how the weave can make tricks in interior design. We will also show you characteristics of individual fabrics. You will realize that curtains can not only shade the light but also can boost it. That a new sofa upholstery can warm the room and or the shading fabrics can calm down stifling atmosphere of a southern room.


Our care for you does not finish with advisory, interior design and sale of decorative materials, on the contrary. We care about our clients and their individual living fully. We will tailor from fabrics selected by you exactly what we planned. We realize suing of window decorations, draperies, coushions and production of textile lamps in the shortest possible term.


We like to take care of you and spoil you. We will install tailored made textile products at your home. What you say? Do not you want to enjoy the luxury of comfort and let the whole job with fabrics on us?


Botero Cooper
Tino Peking Blue
Joropo Cooper


Are you interested with which brands we closely cooperate? Do you want to get more information about their individual materials? Have a look at their offers. We have a good news for you - when you see the fabrics you cannot imagine your home without it is just ready for you at VZORKOVNA. Just make an appointment and already tomorrow in our showroom you can feel warm touch of the fabrics that foud a place in your heart.

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